We have all heard of the expression “being finger printed”. We are, in effect, all born with “engraved” fingers, hands and feet. And, it is from this very fact that we come to life. Our skin is indented (“engraved”) so we have the capacity to grab. Interestingly we ignore the profound importance of this!

In order to print something, it needs to be engraved first. Our prints are used by governments to identify each of us. While today we have prints generated from scans and computers, the fundamentals principles remain the same . Even if we believe the practice and/or art of “engraving” it is now remote, “engraving” continues to represent the origin of what plays a major role in our daily lives. “Engravings” are everywhere around us, in the wild nature as well as in our concentrated ‘modern’ habitat. Across the facets of life and our lives, whether practical, psychological, aesthetic or spiritual, they have a strong presence. Through my art work, workshops and lectures I strive to demonstrate this reality.

Following over 4 decades of engraving work I am still confronted with the same challenges of the creating process: the fear to start and the fear of how it will turn out. The only difference is that, now, I am, perhaps, more comfortable talking about and sharing my experience as compared to when I began this work.

While I recognize that communicating via ‘blog’ is the opposite of the ‘spirit’ and ‘action’ of ‘engraving’, I use this forum to reach anyone who is interested or curious about engraving and my practice of this work. Historically, “prints” that were the direct product from engraved surfaces were the most importance form of communication to spread a message widely, similar to today’s internet, blog and social media. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

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