Bridge your New Year

Here is my first 2023 New Year Card’s idea, let’s call it my second choice. How come? An offering card, one might argue, needs an image, [ concept], preferably “clearly’ understood by other than oneself. In reality, in my case, it hardly is, but what’s wrong with a ” wishful thinking” attitude? Besides, on the most unexpected moment one “card reader” [ thank you MF ] is able to identify what I only subconsciously drop on my page. [In my drawing – left above] there is a drifting alarming “S O S” sign, which is suppose to be a number “2 0 2” …moving toward the completing number “3”. Anyway, what could be seen has a ‘bridge’ metaphor is nothing more than “Le Pont des Arts” in Paris, to my mind, a very unpretentious engineering master work. I have visited many times during the course of my life – drawing, painting and finally engraving it – always on site [ plein air]. And so, similarly, I have done with the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City. Big or small, this monuments, I recently figured out, have been just this impressive trees hiding me the forest: at the end of the day…yes, at the end of my life, it is in fact the flowing of the water I have been despearatly aiming for ! Blessings. R

Dessin . drawing . disegni . original linoleum cut and woodcut . linogravure originale et gravures . xilografie e incisioni – iPad [works-travail-lavoro] . Copyrights © Raymond Verdaguer 2023.

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