The making of a card

With more or less success, like for the wine’s years, I have kept my tradition of making a card around this season, with every time my same wondering feeling = ‘ And if it was only my own dilution that makes me proceed’? Or is it because I’m in debt too so many souls, good beings, who deserve at least [ and certainly way more] a symbolic ‘gift’ of my making?… Obviously I will like to achieve this miraculous card of “one fits all”. But it is just on my idealistic dreams, the true of the matter is that, in all honesty, I will very much need to create one specific [different] custom made card for each folks…the 365 days [or so] of one entire year would not allow me to perform such a task. Besides we are not talking about of quick sketchs given away, but of a printed carved block [ in this case from linoleum]. Eh guys! Can you read my card, do you see the number “3”? Excuse me, to this day, I never quite clearly understood the principe of the “years”… unless for the fact that we go on cycles, that our skin keeps runkeling. I never was able to grasp [what they call] “last year” from the “next” one and what is all so new? Maybe in 365 days, when the next cycle will come again, it might not even come for some of us…so, are we truly counting calendar’s years, or just and only how own? I have digged, cut and scratch as proof I’m still in and counting time… blessings to all. R

Dessin . drawing . disegni . original linoleum cut and woodcut . linogravure originale et gravures . xilografie e incisioni – iPad [works-travail-lavoro] . Copyrights © Raymond Verdaguer 2023. 
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