Conference’s poster – La locandina della conferenza

Memorandum Italia 2019: Conference & Interview, at The Higher Education Institute of Saluzzo Plana, Alessandria, 15 November – Conferenza e intervista, all’ Istituto Istruzione Superiore Saluzzo Plana, Alessandria, 15 novembre .

The making of an image: Based on the poster I created for the conference – La realizzazione di un’immagine: basata sul poster che ho creato per la conferenza – Starting with a skeched idea, developing into a precise drawing, engraving and printing a linoleum cut, the final poster uses the iPad. The end results relies on finding a good printer, otherwise it would ruin your entire job !

Della visualizzazione negativa alla comunicazione  espressiva . Sulla creatività visuale: il lato positivo e negativo  [tossicità] del processo attorno a diversi gruppi di comunità a New York. Compresi artisti, scuole, orto comunitario … Una dimostrazione basata su un reportage fotograficoFrom visual negation to communicative expression  A visual tour around different community groups in New York. Including artists, schools, community garden… A demonstration based on a photo reportage.

Just a little tour in the city may leave you with a sad feeling; it all depends of course. in what “side of the street ” you may happen to walk. And yes you will see people deep down on the hole, they seem to be more associated with the adults …and the adults’ artists running on a high negative mode, those ones can litery generate ‘Toilet-Art”, the younger always surprise me with their natural responses – yet unaffected? Luckily there are adults assisting the young in a creative manner on school and community projects. Few people have figured out to use the technology on a helpful way, worth checking: the Ghana Thinktank “We sent a set of problems to think tanks we formed in Ghana, Cuba and El Salvador. After receiving the think tanks’ solutions, we began to enact them. On the less savy mode you have dedicated women coming straight from Japan with simple colorful yards of fabric using them as banners to convey in a very efficient manner their messages.


Thank you to l‘Istituto Istruzione Superiore Saluzzo Plana, Alessandria, their members, their students and their staff for inviting me to create this event; and for their kind courtesy, generosity and support of my art work. Special thanks to Professor and Architect Paola Bosisio Ph.D for having generated this project idea and for having worked for it, planning it to the finest detail with the greatest dedication, from start to finish. I rarely have experienced such great team work cooperation.

Photo Paola Bosisio Ph.D

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Dessin . drawing . original linoleum cut and woodcut . 
linogravure originale et gravures . iPad works.
Copyrights  Raymond Verdaguer 2019
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