The Civil Right Movement remains, even today, a very hard and complex issue, its components have many facets, like we are visually familiar with “the marches” for example. Today I was looking for an illustration relating to “speeches”, I came across this image I created over a decade ago. The subject appeared very different, it was about two “arguing lovers”. In a way we could agree back to our case that “love” is also part of the equation. If we refer to Nina Simone own words on a song about the Pastor: ” The King of love is dead…” This original title, of this commissioned and published linoleum cut by Prospect Magazine UK, London, [October 2008 issue], was “Second Person “. A Fiction story by author Ali Smith.

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Dessin . drawing . original linoleum cut and woodcut .
linogravure originale et gravures .
Copyrights  Raymond Verdaguer 2019

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