Nine years ago today, in January 22, 2010, was published a commissioned linoleum cut by the New York Times’ Op-Ed, to illustrate ” To Heal Haiti, Look to History, Not Nature” by Mark Danner. The article came out soon after an horrific earthquake stoke Haiti. I had terrible human consequences that are far from being presently “heal(ed)”, and it is unfortunate, [as the say goes], that it has become “history’. To day in my view, my image remains a strange composite on how I felt at the time I heard about the disaster and how the author, and by the same token the editors, choose to present Haiti historically, therefore focusing on the “healing” part. My very question remains, how my “interpretation” give justice to the magnitude of such an event, knowing that the artwork had to be conceived in a rush?

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Dessin . drawing . original linoleum cut and woodcut .
linogravure originale et gravures .
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