It was in November 13 y ago, violence burst out in the streets of Paris, today we are on the very early of December and we are back into the same cycle, and it hardly matter if it is or not labeled for exactly the same reasons . This prouves that not much has been learned or (and) solved during that period, who knows where this events will lead? In my very early years I was told by my very mother that Santa Claus, who is due to reappear soon this days, didn’t exist: the parents were buying the presents. I think this incident accured because I was probably too demanding with my wish list – it resulted for me on a terrible sense of shame and a wander of who could possibly be trustworthy from now on… of course it didn’t stop there, during the course of my live, I have, like anyone else be feed with liars ( and, occasionally I am sure, I learned to feed others with as well). Smaller or bigger, it results always on an haul-full lost of time an energy. But let face it, the more one intakes, the more negativity impacted one becomes and nothing good or truly beneficial will results from this, regardless the logic trying to back it up. Jean Paul Sartre, who was say to be the French Voltaire of the 20th century, stated that “ one has to respond to violence with violence “, I am not too sure if his thought has proven efficient looking back historically…while Alfred Einstein came out with a different take: “ you don’t fix the problem with the same mind who created the problem “. On the mean time when is going to be the ending to be asked to believe on “things” that are not?

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Dessin . drawing . original linoleum cut and woodcut . linogravure originale et gravures sur bois . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . xilografie. Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 20018

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