April 2003: Series of linoleum cuts illustrations commissioned and published 15 years ago by Harper’s Magazine, New York. “No More Unto The Breach – Part 2: The Unconquerable World” by Jonathan Schell


“Never have the possibilities both for horror and hope been more extreme, and ever, therefore, has the scope for effective choice been wider”

“Can a nation that began in rebellion against empire end turning itself into empire? Perhaps it can, but not if it wishes to remain a republic”.

“The menace of annihilation arguably suppressed the menace of world war, and now we must suppress the menace of annihilation”.

The author, Jonathan Schell, died March 2014, exactly eleven years after his essay was published, leaving us with his legacy of thoughts for us to continue to reflect upon. This alone may justify my today’s post.

How I Got Involved Illustrating War’s Issues 15 Years Ago

Both March and April 2003 issues of Harper’s Magazine where mainly dedicated to an essay on the history of war by Jonathan Schell. It was not decided at the randoms by the editors, at the time of this two publications the general opinion was confronted with a very crucial historical moment: will America start a new war on Iraq? […]

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Dessin . drawing . original linoleum cut and woodcut . linogravure originale et gravures sur bois . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . xilografie. Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2008

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