Published by: El Ciervo – revista mensual – Barcelona, diciembre 2005 ( magazine mensuel – Barcelone, décembre 2005 / Monthly magazine – Barcelona, December 2005.)

Published by: passages d’encres – art/littérature revue. Paris, janvier 2006 ( revista mensuale, arte y literatura. París, enero de 2006 / Monthly magazine of art and literature, Paris, January 2006.)

“Immigration” is not a new phenomena, it has certainly be such since life appears on earth. The animal kingdom would not have survived, and will not, without it. It is part of the essence of generating life.

But it has never been smooth, male roe deer in Piedmont, Italy, have ways to define their territory by rumbing a glad located between their horns agains a tree. If an other male roe deer goes beyond it, it’s war!

So we should not be surprise of what humans have “done” for thousands of years – tracing ‘territories’,  to be endlessly reshaped …with all the horrors that come with it during the process. No doubts that modern times have proven to become far more ‘sophisticated’ on this matter,  computers helping , the risk of worsening  is even greater.

12  ago I was commissioned an illustration for the cover of  the Spanish revue” El Ciervo” [ precisely  translating by :The Deer]. The following year I was commissionned 2 illustrations for the French revue “passage d’encres”…I am well aware I did not solve the problem, rather I took a chance  to express it.

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original linoleum cut and woodcut . linogravure originale  et gravures sur bois . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2017

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