If men don’t drop us bombs from above, nature explodes from underneath

Devastating tsunami in Italy in 1908

The terremoto [ earthquake ] that has just been devastating Amatrice make us feel like we are not able to escape from the same destructive patterns experienced in the past – what ever we creating them or nature is undertaking them  –  [as we are part of nature, we may as well conveniently blame nature solely.] Still, regardless who takes the blame it amounts to the same destruction, death and tears…feeling endlessly powerless, being trapped or witnessing it.

In Dec. 27, 2008 The New York Times commissioned me to illustrate a story of a “natural” disaster that took place in the South of Italy in 1908.

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original linoleum cut and woodcut . linogravure originale  et gravures sur bois . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015


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