Printing in Progress ( technically called proofing)

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“Translating” or transfering my New York City outdoor and on site engraved blocks of bridges inspiration into “printed” images on paper. 

I associate it very much to a hand laundry day, because it is physically a hard work to test over 50 blocks pieces at once. More so the paper is drying on a line. There is no such thing as short cuts as far as printing is concern, it remains a ‘messy’ process.

At the end of a long working day, when you are dropping with energy, comes the revengeful cleaning of the tools and material as a due for “playing”.  I have not met a printmaker that enjoy the anoying but necessary last phase … if you let you ink dry it would become a major disaster .

Printing is not a “disposable” process. And nothing will be completed before you have visit your washing sink and …your bathtub. This is the reason why I associate printing as doing laundry!

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original[e] linocut . woodcut . gravure sur bois . linogravure . grabado . incisione . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

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