I have many memorable stories of May Days while growing as a kid in Europe. It is a day still celebrated all over the world, except in The States and in Canada. Oddly enough its origin are relate to a tragic event that precisely took place in The States. As a consequence was established the right to work 8 hours a day, instead of an unlimited amount … I felt it was appropriate to present a detail of one of my linocut to honor my father, a man who worked endlessly and hard during his life time – so I could have the privilege of creating ‘images’ …

This picture is detail from of a series of 8 linocuts illustrations commissioned & published Nov. 2008 by Harper’s Magazine. New York : “How To Save Capitalism”?

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original linoleum cut . linogravure originale . linóleo grabado original > incisione originale . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015

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