My Illustration On Nuclear Catastrophe As A Tribute

Commissioned  by The New York Times on the nuclear topic.  Published almost 10 Years Ago, Wednesday, August 3, 2005, in the Op-Ed page.

 Ricky Businesses – Nuclear Hubris in Idaho  By William Broyles Jr. ” Wilson, Wyo. – WHEN Al Reinert and I wrote the line, “Failure is not an option,” for the movie “Apollo 13,” we intended it to represent the essence of America’s can-do spirit. That spirit put men on the moon, perhaps the most extraordinary collective accomplishment in human history. Then came the Challenger disaster, a reminder that not every problem can be solved; that it’s not what you expect to fail that most often causes disasters, but what you expect not to fail. ” more to read

William Broyles Jr. is a former editor in chief of Newsweek and Texas Monthly.

*Linocut illustration commissioned by New York Times’ Op-Ed Art Director Brian Rea

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original linoleum cut . linogravure originale . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015

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