Dal 1 al 30 giugno 2015. inaugurazione: 7 giugno 2015, ora  17: “Giugno Giochi di Bambini”, Mosta – Museo Etnografico ” C’era una volta”  Piazza Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia. = “Jeux d’enfants ” linogravures, exposition du 1-30 juin, 2015. Vernissage: 7 juin 2015, 17 h . ” Kids paying”, linocuts.  Exhibition,  June 1- 30, 2015. Opening: June 7, 2015, 5:00 pm.

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I cannot imagine better space than the Museo Etnografico ” C’era una volta” of Alessandria, Italy to host this serie. This museum carries a true spirit of the everyday human and family life, escaping any sense of industrialization , simple yet ingenoiuos objects made by the people for the people…

Mostra Museo Etnografico, tav.910

Windows to the Past

The ethnographic museum “Once upon a Time”, set up in the handsome spaces of the restored Gambarina in Alessandria, aims at keeping alive the specificity aquired in many years of activity developed in the homonymous museum in Valle San Bartolomeo [ a near by village]: on one side to keep and hand on customs and traditions of the folk, on the other side to organise temporary exhibitions and varrious initiatives to increase public opinion’s interest in this vast and little known cultural richness. [ Excerpt from the introduction of the Ethnolographic Museum.]

RVrlogo2original linoleum cut . linogravure originale . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2008

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