Marconi‘s hill Book creation  –  letterpress project in collaboration with Italian artist and publisher Luciano Ragozzino Edizioni il ragazzo innocuo 

Process of the cover  [ front & back]

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Process of the inside double page

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It is just an other regular cliff looking at  the sea down below it. Local men have been given it the name of  “Signal Hill “. Historically, this is the place where Italian Nobel Laureate Marconi succeeded his ‘magic’ communication across the Atlantic wireless!

For me this cliff remains a rock formation, created millions of years ago, similar, because detached from  the Marocco coast – providing me with wanders of life signification and eshtetical challenges. Even so my goals are far more modest than Marconi’s ones and very less impacting on the consequances on the course of humanity,  it comes from the same veine of questioning ,  what this ‘hill’ is going to provide and tell me?  Help me to move on to possible ‘discoveries’? … physicits and artists having the same thirst when it comes for search on contemplating nature phenomena!

I find particularly ironic, even so not the least surprised, it has been deny Marconi to have his name link this very modest hill, we are not talking Mont Everest. I have been observing this rocks for sometime, it is time to repair this unfairness by dropping ‘Signal Hill ‘ for what it is : ‘ Marconi’s Hill ‘ .

Title of my artist book,  may very much see the light thanks to an Italian creator in Italian land…  to any, wishing to associate to this symbolic gesture, ‘give back to Cesar what belongs to Ceasar’.

[ NYC – April 23, 2015 ]

Text from this book in progress…

RVrlogo2original linoleum cut, linogravure originale, linóleo grabado original, incisione originale, Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015

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