Domenica 31 Agosto 2014, dalle ore 10:00 : TRA NATURA E UOMINI – Palazzo Comunale, via Roma 18, Casaleggio Boiro, Italia. Esposizione dipinti su carta di riso, visione di Casaleggio.


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THE LAST MILE – Between Nature and Man > EXHIBITION – Saturday August 31, 2014, from 10:00am – At the Palazzo Communale, Casalleggio Boiro, Italy – Exhibition of paintings on rice paper, vision of Casaleggio.

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installazione della mostra


Ultimo miglio - tav.52

exhibition space before

Ultimo miglio - tav.14

exhibition space after

Ultimo miglio - tav.57

 framing in progress

Ultimo miglio - tav.58

show installation 

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An exhibition preparation requires good will – many hands and many smiles. Luca delivers the baked goods.

Acknowledgment to the people of Casaleggio

 I  wish to express my deep gratitude to: The population of Casaleggio village and beyond…. for their welcoming, generosity and invitating me to exhibit my too quick view of their ancestral land > Major Danilo Repetto, his spouse Barbara Merlo, Assistant Major Enrico and their supportive team > Conte Carlo Guiglia & Contessa Diana Mantovani for inviting me to exhibit August 9th at the Castle’s Church > Piero & Alberta, whom came out with the idea of doing this exhibition and supporting on mounting it > Elena & Michel, ‘A’ starters of my ‘Tintin in Piedmont” style adventure, a variation from moose’s trails discoveries…. > Claudio, Fiorenza and Mariuccia, as my three true ‘pillards’ for responding to my creative and demanding logistics needs, unconditionally sharing and supporting > Daniele Prato journalist at LA STAMPA, for introducing the exhibition to the public > Maurizio Silvestri, author and videomaker, and his son the cameraman, for the recording and the TV diffusion of the event > Everyone in this land who have generously, share a hand shake, a smile, a funny story, a walk, a glass of wine, a meal … To all who participated and visit my exhibition, thank you,


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original linoleum cut, linogravure originale, linóleo grabado original, incisione originale, Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2014

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