Donation of my artwork to support a Musical produced by French Heritage Language Program, FACE (French American Cultural Exchange)

Amidou & Toya - rv-fo #57b

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The Musical was performed at the Lycée Français New York, Mai 31. 2014,  as part of the Color My French benefit event to support the French Heritage Language Program (FHLP). Postcards, stickers, posters and t-shirts, derived from my original linoleum cut are available for sell to support the educational program. Above, Bassirou Kaba, alumni of the FHLP and co-host of the event, surrounded by the two managing pillars of Amidou & Toya Musical, FHLP Director Benoit Le Devedec and Teacher Composer Yacine Boulares, modeling with my designed t-shirts.

Personalities of the world of the arts and the education, patrons of the French Heritage Language Program are being awarded with my posters design by Director Benoît Le Devedec. The personalities awarded by the FHLP were Jane Ross, founder of the program, Sean Lynch, Principal of the Lycée Français, Claire Sylvan, Director of the Internationals Network for Public Schools, and Haitian singer and activist Emeline Michel, who accepted to become the celebrity patron of the program.

Amidou & Toya’s – Performance & Rehearsals of the Musical


Amidou & Toya - rv-fo # 17c

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Amidou & Toya - rv-fo # 68b

Amidou & Toya - rv-fo # 97b

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Amidou & Toya - rv-fo #53

The audience. Above smiling, Dr. Fabrice Jaumont, Education Attache, French Embassy in the USA, backbone of the Bilingual Revolution . The musical performed by Brooklyn high school students exposes a conflict between two distinct Francophone [recently arrived immigrants ] communities of African descent, Haiti and Senegal. It shows scenes of menacing behavior, escalating violence … and final reconciliation.

Purchase postcards, stickers, posters and t-shirts to support the educational program of French Heritage

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Creating the original linoleum prints: drawing, cutting and printing process



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