Decembre 2013: Harper’s Magazine, New York. Published linoleum cut to illustrate The Devil’s Bait ” an essay by Leslie Jamison.

The Devil’s Bait, linoleum cut, Harper’s publication September 2013

“Interestingly, the current season of bundling up, the wearing of the fake fur around the face while the snow and ice are sticking to them, seems to call forth such an image. In other words, the freezing season rather than the hot days offers a mood with its own and unique space and time that seems to co-inside with this linocut-image making the December arrival of the magazine to my mailbox oddly timely.

And so, for all those who have asked me “What is that image?”. Now, at least, I have provided you with more insight into its ‘chilling’ topic and impact. What more can you ask for? “

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Texts © copyright Harper’s Magazine, New York.

Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2013.

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