illustration for the Queen’s University, Kingston,Ontario, Canada: ” A view at the end of life by Martin West to be publish in the Alumni Review, Summer 2013 .

Watching the slow, inevitable decline in the health of an aging parent is never easy… as a society we need to rethink how we view the approach of death. The media excel at broadcasting tragic, terrible and accidental deaths. But the natural end of life? That’s off the radar and that’s too bad.


End of a Life – linoleum cut

Perfectly healthy and mentally competent parents will come to the end of life . . . perhaps even with no drugs, no suffering, and no pain. You will grieve, but will avoid excessive sentimentalizing. … stay back and watch quietly. Put your needs and feelings aside. It’s only about them.”


Creating the original linoleum prints: drawing, cutting and printing process

End of a Life – Queen’s University, Canada – linoleum cutting in progress.

End of a Life – Queen’s University, Canada – linoleum cut, printing in progress.


? Texts © copyright Queen’s Alumni Review, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

? Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2013.

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