to illustrate a series of stories to be published in N.D. Magazine spring, 2013


“Hawk and squirrel and God and them” By Mark Phillips


linocut Hawk & squirrel

“Before its prey vanished into a tunnel in the snow, the hawk peeled abruptly upward and released what seemed to me a cry of pure being, Sheeeeare!But what did the hawk mean? Only Faust thought it possible to know every language.”

Hawk & Squrriel – linoleun cutting process

Hawk & Squrriel – linoleun printing process #1


“The broccoli war” By Maraya Steadman


Broccoli war – Linoleun cut

“I conceded that this manipulative battle tactic would probably work best in a house with multiple boys. Since I have only one boy, our household produced only a 33 percent success rating […] Or perhaps the broccoli war is just a part of the bigger vegetable war, a war eternal that all parents have been fighting with their children since man was hungry enough to forage broccoli.”

Broccoli war – Linoleun cutting process

Broccoli war – Linoleun cut printing process


“All the flinty women” By Brian Doyle

playing with sticks – linoleum cut

“… and I would wander around amid the thin trees and dry brittle grass looking for sticks and feathers. It seemed to me that my grandmother was mostly sticks now[…] My mother was made of sticks and stones also.”

playing with sticks – Linoleun cutting process

playing with sticks – linoleum cut printing process


“Intestinal fortitude” By Lisa McKay


living on less than $1 a day – linoleum cut


“… and it didn’t take too long after leaving town before I started to see a little more of what the development statistics for Laos really mean when they make bland pronouncements, such as 27 percent of the population here lives on less than $1 a day. Or, 67 percent of the population is rural. Or, more than 40 percent of the rural children under age 5 are undernourished.”

living on less than $1 a day – linoleum cutting process


 drawings: how it started


skeches for the series


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