earlier 1979 portrait-poster exhibited in Canada


“The B.A.G.  [Burnaby Art Gallery] is pleased to present The Artist Poster Show, an exhibition exploring the didactic evolution of artist exhibition posters. Drawn primarily from the Burnaby Art Gallery’s permanent collection, the showcase spotlights the artist’s ability to communicate time, place, symbolism or space though an exhibition poster.”

1979 poster for my exhibition in Vancouver, BC, Canada


exposition de groupe  Burnaby Art Gallery  group exhibition 
The Artist Poster Show 
 8 fevrier – 7 avril  / February 8 – April 7, 2013


Burnaby Art Gallery 
6344 Deer Lake Avenue Burnaby, BC V5G 2J3, Canada



Affiche-potrait 1979 
1979 poster-portait


The Burnaby Art Gallery in B.C. Canada is exhibiting in a poster group show my 1979 original silkscreen art i created for my first exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This portrait is a close adaptation of 1978 colored linocut I made in a remote area of Vancouver Island, the  silkscreen followed as a result of the urgency to have a poster for my first Vancouver exhibition at the de Vooght Galleries Ldt. located in Grandville street.

linocut portrait 1978

The type was created from a cut out emulsion film pasted into the ‘silk’ of the screen. it is a variation of my linoleum type design, i was using at the time, for my ‘ livre d’artiste’ edition  Melodie Occitane i was introducing to the public. Why a self portrait? I probably felt that as a foreigner nobody knew of me, it was the normal way to present myself. it was 1978, people tend to forget that way of communication was close to none, certainly compare with todays internet and all sorts of social app …true it was not Facebook so i had to come out with Face-portait or Portrait-my-Face…

invitation poster The Backroom Gallery 1979


? quote © copyright Burnaby Art Gallery, 2013.

? Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2013.

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