January 1st , 2013: commissioned and published linoleum cut illustration by the New York Times, Op-Ed. “The Emancipation of Abe Lincoln “ by Eric Foner

 “His annual message to Congress, on December 1, 1862, devoted a long passage to promoting gradual,compensated emancipation and colonization.  Lincoln indicated, however, that a new approach was becoming imperative:  “The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present….  We must disenthrall our selves, and then we shall save our country.”  Lincoln included himself in that “we.”  On January 1, he proclaimed the freedom of the vast majority of the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation is perhaps the most misunderstood crucial document in American history.  Contrary to legend, Lincoln did not free the four million slaves with a stroke of his pen.”

New York Times’ Opinion page


“emancipation” linoleum cut, original print, and the New York Times’ newspaper page, on Jan. first, 2013

New York Times Website

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 Creating the original linoleum prints:  drawing, cutting and printing process

Texts © copyright The New York Times.

Drawings, linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2013.

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