card project to thank all my 2012 supporting friends and colleagues.: do you believe in lucky numbers.


2013 New Year Card – linoleum cut


It came to amazed me the day I found out that in America there was not such a thing as a high rise floor, an elevator stop or an hotel room with the number 13, also there is a 13 street in New York. In France a Friday 13 is supposed  to be a source of great luck and the day or never to buy a lottery ticket [ also called ‘the tax for the poor’, yes our system is very perverted]. This would not be the first time in our Westerner world that a number or a graphic sign it is symbol of some kind of superstition or evilness …don’t walk under ladders and don’t offer a watch to a Chinese person as signs of ‘bad luck’. So, we have 365 [so] days to figure out what this two thousands & 13 will give us, unless we are taking from it…still this# 3 is a very balanced and symmetrical element and after all nothing else than a # 8 split vertically in 2 parts. This sign number, invented by someone that did not signed or copyright it or got honored by the Queen, is at our disposal for all of us to use it at the free well of our [un]-limited imagination. Maybe it’s about TIME we should all of us consider  ‘inventing’ something worth passing to others, not as a planned profit but as our share …

Of course long ago i use to be a great believer of the “new” year and birthdays, with all the excuses of the world to intake more food and wine I could ever handle it, …for all my believers friends and folks I wish them nonetheless a happy New Year.


2013 New Year Card – block linoleum cut in progress

2013 New Year Card – block linoleum cut in progress 2

2013 New Year Card – block linoleum printing process

2013 New Year Card – printed linoleum cut

2013 New Year Card – printed linoleum card production


? Drawings linoleum cuts, photographs and texts © copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2012.

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