” Predicting the Behavior of Civil Unrest: Social Instability Meets Science ” 

Paris Riot – ” Be French or Die Trying “-The New York Times – Op-Ed page – November 9, 2005 – Linoleum Cut:16.5″x9.5”- 41x24cm

Second publication November 7th 2012: ”  … from nonviolent protest movements in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled long-established authoritarian regimes, to a protest movement that evolved to a full-blown civil war in Libya.” {more …} by Dan Braha , USA.

– First publication [ Note ]

November 9, 2005 : commissioned and published linoleum cut illustration by the New York Times’ Op-Ed, ” Be French or Die Trying ”

Quoted texts are a copyright © Dan Braha 

Drawings, linoleum cuts, photographs and texts copyright © Raymond Verdaguer, 2012.

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