October 5th 2012: Le sujet des fictions “, commissioned and published linoleum cut illustration by the French newspaper Le Monde [ Le Monde des Livres ] Paris.

Le sujet des fictions – Le Monde – linoleum cut# 3

” Le sujet des fictions” [Subject on fictions] by Donatien Grau 

” Il faut se confronter à une réalité terrifiante : notre perception du monde est une fiction. Notre mémoire n’est pas stable, mais dynamique : elle se construit, s’invente, en permanence, et, quand nous nous souvenons, nous découvrons, et parfois transformons, les événements vécus. Or la mémoire module la façon même dont nous ressentons les événements qui nous entourent. La fiction dès lors se situe au fondement même du processus même de penser.. Face à ce constat, un danger se présente : celui de l’enfermement en soi, du refus de la réalité.  La perspective opposée, pour autant, paraît désormais bien optimiste ; croire fidèlement à la disponibilité objective du réelle qui nous est présenté. Il importe désormais de repenser ce que l’on entend par cette expression vague, à laquelle on y a recours dans tant de domaines – de la littérature à la neurologie, en passant par la philosophie ou l’anthropologie.  “

[One must confront a terrifying reality: our perception of the world is a fiction. Our memory is not stable but dynamic: it is constructed, invented, constantly, and when we remember, we discover, and sometimes transform experienced events. But the memory module the way in which we experience the events that surround us. Fiction is therefore the foundation of the very process of thinking .. Faced with this situation, a danger arises: self-confinement, denial of reality. The opposite perspective, so far, now seems very optimistic, faithfully believe the availability of objective real as it is presented to us. It is now important to rethink what is meant by this vague expression to which it is used in so many fields – literature neurology, through philosophy or anthropology.] RV translation

Examen des fictions vitales – Le Monde’s page,  October 5, 2012, Paris.

process involving the creation of the linoleum cut

Le sujet des fictions – Le Monde – pen & ink sketch

The autor’s words are pointing to a facet of my own image creating dilema. Ironically this time I am being assigned to give and interepretation of it, and yes as ‘terrifying‘ as it seems some proposal should come out quick beause of the pressing” reality “of the ‘dead line’. My ‘memory‘ allowed me to recall my day before late walk by the East River in New York. My friends Rens and I had been many times there playing with out cameras on differents circonstances and light situations. But that evening I met with Alex a Russian photographer which was taking photos of the view while using a varity of filters and on the same time carring a conversation involving the importance of history, economics, politics and philosophy…he was somehow perfectly initiating the direction where my image will take shape…filter “reality” to re-invente “our perception of the world “.


Like in the case of a photographer, the conception of a linoleum cut [ carving and printing] involve the notion and the use of light. It is the light that allows one to read accuratlly, lines patterns and colors – it is also refer as ‘contrast’ which means the differenciations of  [ at least] two elements. The photo above show how the shade on the cuts ables our eye to define the image.

Examen des fictions vitales – Le Monde’s page together with the original linoleum block and print –  October 5, 2012, Paris.

 quoted texts are a copyright ©  Donatien Grau and © Le Monde 2012.

drawings, linoleum cuts, photographs and texts copyright © Raymond Verdaguer, 2012.

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