Friday November 25, 2011: commissioned and published linoleum cut illustration by the International Herald Tribune and the New York Times. Two different tiltes “Tweeting with twist: A voice” – ” Voice Messaging Service Aimed at the Masses ” Technology & Innovation, a special report by freelance journalist Sonia Kolenikov-Jesso

“The service lets people send a text message to followers that contains link to a short audio message, played back as a voice call…” [ Read more on ” Tweets Get a Voice “ ]

The original linoleum cut block that was used to created the original image reproduced in the International Herald Tribune

Pushing voice messages that replace or add to, other social networking tools.” The very same day the image is published on the International Herald Tribune, a black and white version is publish as well in the New York Times [ Business section] under a different title ” Voice Messaging Service Aimed at the Masses ” .

Block cutting

Because we are under the title of ” Technology & Innovation” I am taking the opportunity that my image was create inside a circle to express that sometimes with visual arts it is no need to “reinvent the wheel”.

Scraping, carving, engraving has been done for thousands of years and regardless what is being said, if use properly, it plays even today in 2011 an important role: to be crisp and define, to be received instantly and clearly by any eye. YES, this so call ‘primitive’ technic if appearing on a computer screen, on phone screen, on cheaply mass reproduced extra poor quality paper, or even projected on a 10 foot screen wall, will still be ‘readable’ with an unbelievable amount of accuracy. If an image is created from this technic and planed to be reproduce in color it later on switched for black & white it will still not be truly destabilized from it basic definition, it would not be put off by the alteration.

It is real infantile to try imitating the sharp cut of a material that can then be transfer on paper with a printing press by the use of an impersonal [ fit them all] computer application [program] – the equivalent of physical exercise without physical discipline and effort: what do you thing the body will benefit of?A pencil or electronic made line is a different language that a line that come with the cut! Why? Because there is a physical resistance from any material being cut, and a ‘depression ‘ is generated into the surface which means that the lecture of this cut is going to be different from a pencil or a pen line.[ cut your finger and you will see] –  It is altogether a different ‘language’, English is not Hebrew: to click on your graphic program ‘invert’ will not get you to the proper meaning, if anything it is the door to the wide trap that will prevent one to be understood at the fullest. Let learn it from Confucius words:” let’s the father be the father and the son the son…”

Drawings, linoleum cuts, photographs and texts copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2011

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