“a transatlantic art contest celebrating the Statue of Liberty ‘s 125th birthday “
“In celebration of the Statue of Liberty’s 125th birthday (October 28th, 2011), the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, in collaboration with the U.S. National Park Service, Statue of Liberty National Monument, the City of New York Parks and Recreations,  and the American Association of Teachers of French are hosting a Franco-American Transatlantic contest for students in grades pre-K to 12.”



Also she went under several repairs, 125 years after ‘immigrating’ to New York from France, considering her old age, the Statue of Liberty  is doing quiet well – on the contrary our ‘world’  has been going under fast speed changes, some of them drastic. We can easily argue, good ones and not so good ones. For example in the course of this period our environment has been affected by very serious degradations.

We want to know what is your take on this!

After all, some of you who are skateboarding today around the parks and school yards could very well become the commissioners of this parks or the principals of this schools in a near future – to your surprise this may accrue way sooner that you may imagine. It will be your turn for actions and responsibilities taking – so why not starting to learn and apply some of these principles right now, it will make your task only easier in the near  futur.

For many year to go [as it is his function] the Statue may remain the same. Still to be straight honest, at the pace we are moving or not moving, there may not be very much of ‘environment’ left – unless we act immediately in a sensible manner. In fact, as we are all of us part of this ‘nature’, denying the urgency of the problem and the great task laying in front of us to remedy put us all under great danger.

We may not be aware of it, but for every juice, soda and lunch box container we are ‘dumping’, we are  actually contributing to the destruction of our environment and therefor ourselves. The trash we are able to produce is so overwhelming that we don’t know what to do with it anymore…

We must act to change the course of the way we have behaved and most of it thought until now – some people have been already working on this issue, but this cannot rest only on a few –  this implies that all of use be using our creative part of mind in order to find solutions to remedy to this ongoing destructive course. This is one of our present major problem, and as students and citizens of this world your qualify to give us answers.
Art has been proven being the universal ‘language’, we ask you to express your ideas in a creative artistic manner. So lets rock it!

Liberty in cans – pen & ink

Please joint me June 7th for the launching of this transatlantic art contest: lecture/presentation of this contest, followed by an open debate.

Thank you.

Raymond Verdaguer

president ‘ Rock the Statue Green’ contest.

R.S.V.P – [212] 439-1436 or email education@frenchculture.org  –  bring your ID



read more about the additional info and rules of the contest […]


some promising talent


Jasper – 8 y – 3rd grade – life assistant, Melanie his mother – Tompkins Square Park, New York.

Tisdale and mad dog – Tompkins Square Park, New York.



– Quoted texts are a copyright of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, 2011.

– Linoleum cuts, photographs and texts copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2011.

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