October 8, 2010: commissioned and published linoleum cut, illustration by the  New York Times Book Review, The Eden Hunter ” a book by Skip Horack reviewed by Sven Birkerts. – [ Perdue en amerique , gravure sur linoleum, commande du New York Times Book Review. {La revue des livres} publiée dimanche 10 octobre 2010 – Perdido en los Estados Unidos. Un gravado linóleo, publicato por el  New York Times Book Review { revista de los libros }publicada este domingo 10 de octubre 2010.]

” Lost in America” New York Times Book Review’s page“He also scratches a dugout canoe from the trunk of a fallen cypress in the nearby forest, biding his time. And then, when he prepares to flee, the boy tries to hold him back. The two struggle, and there is an accident with a hay hook. Kau has killed his only friend. Now there is no going back.

Kau is not a man given to brooding, though he is afflicted by both conscience and longing, by painful memories and dreams about the boy he has killed. He also feels a strong visceral pull from the world he left behind, from his dead wife and children back in Africa.

Horack, the author of a well-received story collection, “The Southern Cross,” writes luminous, clean prose, holding the fantastically beautiful wilderness steadily in front of us, but also describing a scalping or evisceration with a matter-of-fact directness that reminds us how the terms of that world were negotiated and understood. He has a poet’s tuned attentiveness, but never uses his sentences to preen. “

 Cutting and printing process.

Quoted texts are a copyright of The New York Times 2010.

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original linoleum cut . linogravure originale . linóleo grabado original . incisione originale . Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2010

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