From August 30th to October 24th a collection of my original linoleum cuts, commissions from The New York Times, are exhibited  Mc Gill Library and at the Bob Metrown Library [ second location]. Organized and presented by the Burnaby Art Gallery in Burnaby [ Vancouver area], British Columbia, Canada.

Exhibition McGill Library, 2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – #5


Once the linoleum cuts commissioned by The New York Times to be run in the newspaper, now remodeled into a wall fresco at the library.

This is were part two [ unless it is part one] of my exhibition is held in Burnaby – Not just the two facilities are totally different but the displaying of my work as well – Here, where the architecture is smaller the work is presented inside super large size frames. At the other location, a huge architecture displays my artworks smaller in a continuous ‘wave’ on each of its pillars – Sharp contract of curating approach: in one case monumental calls for intimacy, while in the other intimacy calls for monumental.

A linoleum cut published in a newspaper remains a one and only day even, still a different approach of presenting the very same image in association with a certain type of architecture may give to the art work the mirage of defiance to eternity.

Exhibition McGill Library, 2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – #2

Dramatic effect intensified by large surface of black framed matting, reflecting day light and  moving human shadows from the room –  Sun’s rays selecting randomly which parts of the image to expose and which parts to hide, re-creating it own personal carving/printmaking –  Blowing it miles away from its original concept of newspaper/newsprint presentation.

Exhibition McGill Library, 2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – #3

Linoleum cuts detaching themselves from their printery approach,  transformed into a painterly one, in accordance with Richard’s saying [my former agent],  ” your work could be blown up as big as the Empire State Building! ”


Exhibition McGill Library, 2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – #4

Generously large glossy glass frames in sharp contrast with textured raw brick walls – Wall covering all over in a fresco  manner – Grouping of series in a large single frame, reminder of an over blowed page from a photo book album? –  Re-creating similar selecting logics of preliminary approach for The New York Times.

Exhibition McGill Library, 2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – #1

Very physical and very in tune with the architectural wall-windows style of the Library – Where ‘in’ is ‘out’  [and reverse] –  Gives other reading to the  Global Warming Series .

Exhibition McGill Library, 2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – #2

2010,  still pining my work, years after she wrote the first art critic of my woodcuts/linoleum cut  first exhibition in Vancouver, back in 1979.

Exteriors walls of glass from floor to roof, the space to rap one into daylight and outdoors green patterns – Tree branches seeming bending over you –  indoor, outdoor ? Boundaries undefined – Not just a sense of being connect to reading materials only – Privacy, inviting serenity.

Exhibition McGill Library,2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada – Bob’s framing shop

Framing orchestration, staging or choreography?  – Cranking into motion to spine further momentum to my linoleum strokes – While conceived in the  labyrinth solitude  of a  basement, framing plays a master during this two events.

The McGill Library,2010, Burnaby, BC, Canada

What The Bob Prittie Library at Metrotown provides within this large concrete scale the The McGill Library does it  at an intimated human scale. In fact one may wish to live next door!

– Continue viewing this Exhibtion at The Bob Prittie library at Metrotown 

– On line catalogue of the exhibition: ” The  New York Times Commissions


I gratefully acknowledge

  • the editors and art directors of the New York Times for considering and trusting my works and commissioning me assignments bases on important and difficult issues.
  • Darrin Martens, Director/Curator of the Burnaby Art Gallery for organizing and sponsoring this exhibition.

Special thanks to Susan and Bob.

Library location

McGill Library
4595 Albert Street
Burnaby, British Columbia
Tel: 604.299.8955
open Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m.

Card texts are a copyright of the Burnaby Art Gallery 2010. Linoleum cuts, photographs and texts copyright Raymond Verdaguer, 2010.

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