Examining Commercialization Labor, Gender, Race in 21st Century Sports Law 

cover for Reversing Field

Commissioned linoleum cut to be published Fall 2010 . Editors: André Douglas Pond Cummings and Anne Lofaso.

Editor André Douglas’ excerpts of this book presentation:

  • “makes a statement that …is missing in the modern sports world in connection with law and justice.
  • book is gritty and bold. tackles issues that most are afraid to confront.
  • the most difficult issues that face modern sports in the united states like racism, sexism, commercialization, drug abuse and labor inequalities.
  • also traces historical progress and offers solutions for ending the injustices that continue in professional and collegiate athletics.
  • … become so popular, such money making machines, the seedy underbelly of sports is often purposely ignored by most owners and people in power.  continuing injustice and discrimination that to us is untenable.
  • book follows the example of john carlos….exposing the continuing instances of race discrimination, gender discrimination, student athlete exploitation, drug abuse and labor inequality…
  • female athletes:  still discriminated { including pregnant athletes}, not allow women to progress in athletic administration
  • the title ix backlash against opportunity for women … college athletes are exploited by the new commercialization that now dominates all colleges and universities, where student athletes are chewed up and spit out by the college system of the “arms race.”  race discrimination still exists in college coaching,
  • the temptation to abuse drugs is enormous in this new commercialized area of college and professional sports.  labor issues continue, but now seem to favor owners and the powerful, rather than the athlete
  • we view our book to be an aggressive challenge to the status quo that would argue that “all is well” in professional and college sports.”


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