The Hook American Crises

This image is a linoleum cut [engraving]  who has been previously published by Harper’s Magazine in 2009 is being re-published,  March 2010 in Paris, by passage d’encre for it last review : 38-39 “Argentines“,  presented at ” le Salon du Livre  2010 ” in Paris.

Passage d’encres  last issue, No. 38-39, “Argentines” (March 2010), directed by Jordi Bonells, a Spanish writer who lives in France and teaches at the Toulon University,  presents a mosaic of the actual Argentine literature and focuses on a literature, a culture, and a country beyond a perception often veiled by all kind of stereotypes–included the “tanguero”–,   which override on a rich and plural reality.
The issue has been presented in Buenos Aires in April 2010 and it will be shown at the next Francfurt  Book Fair (October 2010).

passage d’encres is a French art et literature review founded in 1996 and since directed by Christiane Tricoit in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis), close to Paris.
is supported by the Centre national du livre (CNL) and by Arte/Actions culturelles.
16, rue de Paris – F-93230 Romainville

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