Book covers – La Revolucion Bilingüe – Die Bilinguale Revolution

Creating news linoleum cut colors versions for the book cover of The Bilingual Revolution by Fabrice Jaumont for the new release Spanish’s and German’s versions. La revolución bilingüe : el futuro de la educación está en dos idiomas. Release date: December 1st, 2018 #revoluciónbilingüe. Special thanks to Renata Somar Aragón and Diana Limongi Gabriele Raymond Verdaguer Read more…

Western Connecticut State University -” Under Pressure ” – Visiting Artist Lecture

A lecture given at Western Connecticut State University as part of it Master of Fine Arts Visual Arts Program.”Under Pressure” encompasses several meanings, is summering my art work execution and the work environment that commissions it as well. More broadly, in its manifestations life comes and goes with pressure….transformation, good or bad accrues from pressure.
My presentation aim to demonstrate how I have utilized the relief printing technique to create graphic images as a responds to news evens and writers’ opinions. This includes numerous visual examples such as some of my linoleum cuts assignments created for the Op-Ed section of The New York Times . The talk was followed by a critic of art student’s work […]