The Williamsburg Bridge New York – Street-Engraving

January 18: Winter in New York City – Daily Survival Commute on the Williamsburg’s  Life on Motion :all Images Engraved on Site With Raimonart Outdoor Transportable Studio.  Seeing Throughout Fence Wire May Reveal Some Truth. original[e] linocut – woodcut – gravure sur bois – linogravure – grabado – incisione – Copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2016

A Ouargla, l’or noir est maudit > 2nd publication > linocut > Courrier International Paris

In Ouargla, black gold is cursed – linocut  > A Ouargla, el oro negro se maldijo – linograbado linogravure, 2eme publication,  le 20 mars, 2014 dans Courrier International, Paris. > linocut, 2nd publication, Mars 20, 2014 by Courrier International, Paris > linograbado,  segunda publicación, 20 de marzo 2014 en Courrier International, París. Read more…