Museo Etnografico Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia -“Natura e Arte Sacra” – mostra

Dal 1 al 30 settembre, 2014: “C’era una volta” Museo Etnografico Gambarina, Alessandria, Italia, “NATURA E ARTE SACRA NELLA TRADIZIONE POPOLARE” – MOSTRA – INSTALLAZIONE September 30, 2014 : Nature & Sacral Art in The Popular Tradition – Exhibition-Installation   Incisioni – cuts Pitturi – Paintings Exhibition-Installation of my Linocuts Read more…

Exhibition – McGill Library

A collection of my original linoleum cuts commissions from The New York Times is presented until October 24th – an even organized since August 30, by the Burnaby Art Gallery in British Columbia, Canada. This exhibition is also being held, at the same time, at a second location as well at The Bob Prittie Metrotown Library […]