Welcome to my 24 hour, 365 days a year open studio! Since 2009, I have shared over 300 blog posts related to my “engraving” work. My watercolour and ceramic work will become increasingly more present in the future. In this ‘open studio’ blog, I am continually adapting new technologies, such as the social media platforms of facebook, Instagram and Tweeter to share my work more interactively and in “present” time .

My current blog post link is “draw.rverdaguer.com”. I have used the term “draw” because we use “drawing” to express ourselves whether we are using a pencil, brush, cutting tool or chainsaw. Drawing is the act of allowing our hands to carry and master a gesture and eventually, an idea. At its best, drawing is engaged as a creative expression of ‘grace’, sensitivity, honesty, sincerity, desire, emotion [not of harm or hurt] while simultaneously being firm and decisive, as well. Drawing involves real courage. It means making oneself and one’s work vulnerable to the responses of both admiring and harsh viewers. Art triggers response, that is its power and gift!

“Art” has become increasingly analyzed and categorized into countless “techniques” to express what ‘it is’ and ‘what it is not’. This perhaps over-analysis has led to movements, such as abstract, conceptual, performing art… to shift towards the view that “art-making” does not need to be grounded in the on-going learning and practicing of drawing skills. Here, ‘how to draw’ is not considered a necessary criteria to the notion of creating ‘art’! My own work, however, remains deeply embedded in the centrality of committing myself to learning ‘how to draw’ in order to continually increase my capacity to be able to express an ‘idea’.

My process of art-making is as essential as the ‘concept’ that may be coming through or the ‘product’ that may result. As such, I am akin to the musician who is committed to practicing daily on his ‘instrument’ in order to ‘play’ well!

Thank you for joining me on my blog.

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